The decision

(not to be confused with this decision)

I’m flying to the United States from Santiago, Chile, for the fifth time in my life. Each of those flights was preceded by a stay in the country that varied from 10 days on the short end, to 11 months, when I came to live and volunteer at Hogar San Jose, a home for children, essentially an orphanage. Besides the length of time traveling, each trip had its own uniqueness associated with it: people I came to know, places I visited, some experience that altered my life in a very big way (that actually happened at least twice!).  For the first time on all of these trips I’m accompanied by Krissy. And this trip will lead to the longest Chile trip of my life.

Krissy, Lucy, Caleb and I are moving to Chile in September. (I tried not to bury the lead too deeply!) Krissy and I just spent nine (long, missing our kids) days in Chile and Argentina during Christmas vacation.  We were going through the final stages of our discernment about whether or not we wanted to relocate our family to one of those two countries. I use the term discernment because we have been thinking about, talking about, imagining, questioning and soliciting input from others since last February. Some of you have been (an integral) part of that process. Others are aware that we have been considering the move. And others may be hearing of this move for the first time. Regardless of how long you’ve been aware of this process, there’s something you need to consider right now.

When are you coming to visit?

One of our goals for living abroad is to practice “radical hospitality.” If there was a bumper sticker for radical hospitality, it might read, “If you can get yourself here, we’ll take care of (basically) everything else!” I should add that our kids will attend school there. Krissy and I will do as much volunteer work as we possibly can, either planting our flag with a single organization or supporting different works within the community. So if you come, be prepared that we might put you to some volunteer work with us. I’ll save some of those details for a later update.

Along with volunteer work, there are lots more details that I look forward to sharing with you as our family moves through this life change, but I’m not going to write it all in one blog post. This is my first time really blogging about anything, but I imagine that veteran bloggers might tell me to save some things for later. Any of you that have ever had a conversation with me will attest that is not my strong suit. We’ll see if I can grow into it as I chronicle our adventures!

3 thoughts on “The decision

  1. Well. That are some big news!!! Should I congratulate? What to say? I find this decision a great adventure, without knowing much at all about it. Will you ‘only’ do volunteer work there? How long do you intend to live there? What brought this decision to light?
    I wish you guys a great start – well, I t is still a few months to go until the move, so I hope to hear from you and maybe even speak with you before the big move. But anyway, I am a big supporter of these kinds of things, as you know, so congrats.

  2. I knew you were contemplating this for some time. I’m excited for you and Krissy to be following your heart and vision. I also know from experience that it can be hard on your loved ones in the states. Beth has been gone for almost 4 years now. There is always a hole especially when the rest of us get together. It helps to know that they are passionate about what they have been called to do and that they miss us also. Our prayer for you is that you continue to follow your hearts and that you will be fully connected to the ones you are in close proximity to and also to the ones at a distance. All I can say is”Thank God for Skype.”

  3. You’ll have a great time. I traveled regularly to Chile (mostly Santiago) when I lived in Montevideo, Uruguay. I count my time in Chile as some of my best times ever. Your family will likely never forget their life in Chile. Have a great time.

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