The “When” Of It All

Since the previous blog post, I’ve had a lot of wonderful conversations with people about our decision. The main topics tend toward the “when” and “how” we will be moving. Right now, I’ll address the “when.” The “how” is a little more complicated to explain, so I’m parsing my words carefully. That blog post is concurrently under construction. I’m moved by the interest and response people have shown, and I hope the current energy continues and eventually translates into visitors from the United States. Remember people, we won’t actually be in Chile for a while, so let’s not peak too early!

One of the toughest parts of this decision is imagining our kids being that much farther from their extended family. Our kids are quite accustomed to seeing their grandparents regularly. We’ve been very lucky to have such generous and active grandparents for our children. Even though none of their grandparents live in California, our kids probably never go more than two months without seeing them. This summer is going to be really important for all of us to spend time together, and allowing our children to deepen their relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

That being our goal, we are looking at the middle of June to leave San Francisco. From here, we plan to spend about five weeks in Idaho with my family. Then in late July, we’ll head to Indiana to spend about 5 more weeks with Krissy’s family. Our goal is to be in Chile the first week of September. If you are in Idaho or Indiana (or plan to be this summer), please let us know when we can get together. Even if you are already imagining your visit to Chile (are you doing that already? Awesome…), we’d still like to see you before we go.

But before all of that meeting up in Idaho, Indiana, or Chile can happen, we need to leave San Francisco; a process that won’t be painless, but we’re motivated by the adventure that awaits. This has been my home for 16 years, by far the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my life. Like most residents of “The City,” we believe we live in an amazing place. Yes, amazingly expensive, but amazingly unique, diverse, creative, and vibrant, as well. So as much as we are drawn to life in Chile for a while, it won’t be easy to leave San Francisco. One thing that makes leaving particularly difficult is that we don’t know where we will land when we return to the U.S. We have a goal to be in Chile for about two years. After that, we’ll just see. Although, in a recent conversation I pointed out to a friend that about a day after our kids are settled in school and we all have beds to sleep in in a house in Chile, we’ll start our discernment process for where we want to end up in the States! This is life. It moves in cycles. Much as we truly want to live in the present, when kids are in the mix, we are always thinking about our future. Krissy and I try to pay attention to the signs of the times, be true to our values, think about what is good for our kids, and discuss these decisions. That’s what has gotten us here now. We’ll continue to trust that process going forward.


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